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In all phases of your project we can support you as project manager or as sub-project manager.

We are also happy to take over the project management office for you for the planning and monitoring of all activities in the project.

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Project management

Travel management projects are extensive. Human Resources, Finance, Purchasing and IT want to be involved. More than 20 other departments and the works council have to be involved and work towards a common goal. Many areas in the company are affected.

The project manager needs extensive expertise and time. Do your employees have both?

A Travel Management project does not work "on the side". Most of the time your employees lack the time to also take care of the travel management project. expenseBrain creates success.


Project Management Travel Management

Successful projects initially require a definition of goals, functions and procedures as a basis for reliable planning.

During the project, numerous deadlines and tasks have to be planned, executed, monitored and followed up with many participants.

Internal and external employees, often from different suppliers, have to be coordinated. Only if all tasks are completed on time and correctly, the project can be completed on the scheduled date in the right quality.

Successful project management requires knowledge, communication, documentation and control.

Take advantage of our experience and let us help you. We will implement your project together.


The expenseBrain method: We listen to you!

Technical knowledge alone is useless - empathy and methodology are much more important in advising the client.

How do the customer and his employees think, how do your own employees think, how does the provider think? How can you communicate with the departments and stakeholders?

Complex issues must be explained in a comprehensible and understandable way for all parties involved. Only in this way can viable solutions be found.

Our employees have led many national and global travel management projects to success since 2003. Even after implementation, customers from all industries rely on our support.

We would also like to help you make your project a success. Our team members are experienced project experts who are familiar with the intricacies of travel management and various project methods. IAPM, PMI, SDLC, Hermes or Scrum are not foreign words for us.



We listen to you and carefully record your requirements. All departments are actively involved.

Conflicting requirements or requirements that cannot be implemented are clarified in advance.

All requirements and their planned implementation are documented.

Project organization and project plan are created at the beginning and adjusted as needed.

Responsibilities and communication channels must be clarified before requirements can be recorded and tasks distributed.



The project stands or falls on its timetable.

A good schedule takes into account holidays and absences of key people, but also periods of high workload and system maintenance. Many delays in projects are avoidable.

We also create the plan for rule communication and provide the necessary information for implementation.



Everything is communication. Stakeholders, departments and participating countries want to be informed.

The status of the project is transparent at all times. Employees have a contact person in case of problems or questions. The project manager is the mediator between all parties involved.

Tasks, completed deliverables and progress are regularly and actively communicated to all project stakeholders.



All important information and steps are recorded in writing. This includes project specifications as well as contact data, schedules and a "project archive" in which intermediate statuses and important files are recorded.

Actions from the deadlines are documented and incorporated into the project plan. The degree of completion of the tasks in the project plan is monitored and documented in a timely manner. Deviations are detected and recorded, the status is queried with the processor. This can result in changes to the project plan or escalations. Solutions are developed together with the project team.



Quality gates are regularly held in the project as a checkpoint for quality in order to make the progress in the project measurable and visible.

The degree of completion of the tasks in the project plan is monitored and documented in a timely manner. Deviations are detected and recorded, the status is queried with the processor. This can result in changes to the project plan or escalations. Solutions are developed together with the project team.


Project management is independent of providers!

Again and again we receive inquiries from agencies or customers who are looking for a project manager for a specific product.

It doesn't make sense in this form.

It doesn't matter to us as project managers whether you want to introduce SAP Concur, Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense, Chrome River or any other product. The customer's requirements for all systems are the same. So is the approach as project manager or sub-project manager.

What differs is the configuration of the individual systems and the project methodology of the providers. The configuration is not the task of the project management, but is taken over by the provider or the implementation partner. We know the project methodology of the various providers and their strengths and weaknesses from our previous projects. And the functions of the products as well.

It is much more important that the project manager understands your requirements and the process and recognizes necessary tasks in time. The planning and monitoring of tasks is more important than the knowledge of functional details of the configuration.

expenseBrain creates success. With all products.

The right choice!

Project management with expenseBrain

Our project managers know all common products and have many years of experience. We are represented throughout Germany with permanent employees and certainly also in your area.