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Travel Management Consulting Network

Travel Management Consulting


Strategic Consulting

What will business travel look like in three years?

Many new topics will move the industry: sharing economy, new mobility, NDC, biometrics, travel security, ... - are you prepared for it? There is a direct impact on your travel costs here - and also on the behaviour of your employees.

We look into the future with you and design the roadmap to be able to react quickly and appropriately to innovations.


Business Consulting

Your travel policy should be modernized? And where can or should the travel services be booked at all?

Do you use the best possible payment methods for all travel services? And what about digital receipts or margin taxation?

We have the answers to many of your questions. As a consultant on all topics in the business travel process or as a project manager for an implementation, we are happy to help you. Our strength is the combination of consultant and project manager in one person.


Organizational Consulting

Improve your processes now and relieve your employees!

Our team offers you years of experience and in-depth expertise in virtual collaboration, collaboration and business travel technologies. This helps you to draw on proven concepts and innovations from other industries.

We have already helped many companies of all industries and sizes to become better. We would also be happy to develop the right solution for you.

Strategic Consulting

Travel management is an area of conflict between human resources, finance, purchasing and IT. This complexity requires a coordinated strategy.

We support you in (re)evaluating your current strategy or develop new strategic goals together with you.


set goals

What do you want to achieve?

More video conferencing? Less travel expenses? More control? More convenience for employees? Digitization? Or maybe all of the above? The possible goals in travel management are many and varied. It is therefore all the more important to choose the right definitions and approaches.

Our company is specialized in the control, optimization and management of business travel. Our experts support you in creating and implementing your specifications. expenseBrain creates success.


Develop strategy

What overarching strategies already exist in the company? And what are the implications for the travel management strategy? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current organization?

Developing a new strategy means specifying the long-term goals, but also showing the way to get there. The potential costs of implementing the strategy should also be identified and considered from the outset.

Our experts show you possible ways. Together we analyse the best solution for your company.


Design solutions

How would you like to save costs, increase employee satisfaction and design processes in the future? How do you ensure that your travellers are well looked after at all times during their journey? And how do you ensure the quality of the service providers?

Uniform processes are important in global companies for organizational and business optimization and the implementation of strategy.

Digitalization and automation improve data quality. Many work steps can be eliminated. Your employees can concentrate on the actual tasks.

Together with you, we identify your vision and develop suitable recommendations for action for the organization of collaboration in the company. In doing so, we take into account processes, technology and service providers for booking and billing your business travel. With concrete steps for further action, we design your global end-to-end process of the future for your travel management.


Implement strategy

"We want to get better" - this simple goal has implications for many areas in the company.

The individual tasks are interdependent and must be carefully planned.

Your organizational structure and process organization may need to be adapted in order to efficiently map the right processes. Your travel policy needs to be updated in order to achieve the new goals. Maybe you need new or different service providers to be able to start at all. And many requirements change during the course of the project, whether due to legal regulations or new market conditions.

We accompany you in the implementation of your strategic tasks in all areas on the content and technical level. expenseBrain creates success.


Communicate change

New systems and processes mean change. In travel management, many departments with completely different and contradictory interests are involved. Every employee is affected, everyone knows the topic, and everyone has their own opinion about it. This makes it all the more important to communicate in a timely, open and transparent manner.

We work with you to develop the necessary communication strategies and plan the measures for implementation. So that your project becomes a success.

Business Consulting

Travel management is a complex field. Up to 25 departments are involved in the business travel process.

Travel management is at best the core task of the travel manager - if this position exists in the company at all. But even the travel manager is often not an IT expert or a payroll accountant. None of the people involved can be an expert on the entire process.

And for exactly this gap we come into play. We are happy to share our expertise with you and help you become better.


Travel registration and entry requirements, A1 form

You want to or have to travel? Great! Your supervisor informally agrees after you have described your travel wishes. Now you can book the trip.

But wait: Due to legal requirements and changed requirements for security and documentation, travel registration is now required as a new process. You need up to eight documents. Modern systems help you to receive these automatically or to pass on the data.

In our Travel Compliance Workshop we show you which regulations apply to business travel and how you should deal with them.

Questions for the Travel Manager

Companies with international travel activities are exposed to more and more risks. This makes it all the more important to identify risks in advance. So far, very few companies have suitable processes for all situations. In addition to identification documents, visas, social security certificates, A1 forms, pre-registration, but also health tests may be required in the future.

What do you need? How do you get the trip? And where does the data come from? How can you get the knowledge you need about it and keep it up to date? And how do you inform your travelers about the requirements?

We show you ways and providers to be able to design and operate these new processes.


Optimize your travel policy

A good travel policy helps you cut costs and gives control.

Help your travelers by making your travel policy contemporary, understandable and clear. Eliminate historical legacies that have "always been done this way".

Use our expertise to bring a breath of fresh air into your policy together.


Select new systems

By choosing a new cloud system, you can make your system landscape simpler, more consistent and modern.

Together with you, we determine the requirements and select the most suitable provider.


Start implementing

When introducing new systems (travel booking, travel accounting, event management, ...) or when migrating to other providers (travel agency, credit card, ...) we support you as project manager for the overall project management, as sub-project manager IT, sub-project manager of the specialist department or as project management office.p>


Technical documentation

We are happy to develop requirement specifications, specifications, support concepts, operating concepts, data flow models and migration concepts in the business travel process. We help you with systems for travel booking, travel expense accounting, event management, fleet management and much more.


Test support

We create individual test cases with you and support your users during the implementation. We are also happy to take over defect management with the specialist departments and providers.



How can information be transported as quickly and focused as possible?

We determine the training needs for you and develop individual training concepts. Tailor-made training documents as print version or for the intranet depict exactly your process and your system. If you wish, we can also create customer-specific training videos for you.

We train your administrators, multipliers and end users on all common systems in on-site sessions or as webinars.

Organizational Consulting

Are you involved in travel management and would like to know more about processes, systems or best practices?

We accelerate and improve your processes, or design completely new processes.

Travel Management Consulting

The new role of the travel manager

The travel manager has more issues on the table today than ever before.

To work successfully in this new role, careful coordination with up to 25 specialist departments is required. For this, you need good rule communication and clear responsibilities.

We make sure that you are able to take on your new role and use your new skills in a meaningful way.


optimise processes

Need 18 weeks to pay travel expenses?

Is your travel department drowning in paper receipts?

Playing offer ping pong with the travel agent?

Then we should talk together about new and better processes.


Designing global processes

Many specifications for travel booking and travel expense reporting can be defined globally. At country level, there are usually only a few legal or internal requirements that can deviate from a global template.

This makes it obvious to first define essential elements of a new business travel process globally. The trick here is to consciously allow for local deviations, but to manage them efficiently. The global definition significantly simplifies the implementation of a system and the roll-out to the countries.


All settings and extensions worldwide are centrally recorded and managed. The individual countries/ brands/ companies can activate or deactivate partial functions.

The objective:

  • as uniform a process as possible
  • as uniform a layout as possible
  • reduced effort for implementation, roll-outs and operation
  • Maximum flexibility


Frontend, settings and processes are defined centrally, but leave room for local customizations. All local customizations are optional, but uniform, for all other units. "Legal" or "Global" fields/areas apply to the entire template. "Optional" or "Local" fields/areas can be activated or removed per unit.

Our offer:

For the creation of a global template, we are happy to bring our experience. For this we have defined a consulting package at a fixed price.