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Travel management simplified

Travel Management in brief

Business Travel Management refers to the complete process of booking, organizing and accounting business travel for companies.

Travel management encompasses the analysis, control and optimization of processes and services required in connection with business travel. In the Anglo-Saxon world, the term Corporate Travel Management is commonly used.

Travel Management controls the cost of travel services and ensures convenience and efficiency for travelers.

Is travel management worth it?

Absolutely! Only if you know who travels where with which services, you can stop unnecessary expenses. Controlling booking channels and travel providers helps you reduce costs. Modern systems streamline your processes and ensure compliance. So you can become faster and better with simple means.

We will be happy to show you the advantages and possibilities of professional travel management.


Do I need a travel policy?

For sure. Even small adjustments can have a big effect. An up-to-date travel policy helps to streamline processes and save money. The control of service providers reduces your travel costs by up to 30%. And your employees see bindingly which expenses are permissible and which are not.

We can help you create or modernize your travel policy.


What do I have to do before the trip?

The travel request is back, thanks to Corona. Unlike in the past, the purpose is no longer to get approval from the supervisor, but to identify risks.

Travel registration in one system helps you find out who needs a visa, entry registration, work permit, A1 certificate or medical services for their trip. During the trip, you always know where your employees are and can react quickly in case of a crisis.

We will be happy to show you how to deal with the current requirements for travel security.


How can we book travel faster and better?

Even as a small business, you need systems and processes to book travel quickly. Calls to the travel agency are no longer necessary. With online booking systems you save time and money. Just using a hotel booking portal can reduce your hotel costs by up to 30%. And your policies are already stored in the systems. So you can book trips easier, faster and cheaper.

We help you design a well-structured solution right from the start.


Should we digitize travel expenses?

Imagine the employee creating his travel expense report quickly, securely and conveniently while on the road with receipt photos. The recording and processing is considerably accelerated. Mailing is no longer necessary. Approval and verification can take place immediately after entry in the system, without waiting for the incoming mail. And already tomorrow the employee can have the reimbursement on his account.

Tomorrow's scenarios? No! These solutions are already available today and recognized by the tax authorities.

We will gladly show you how you can become paperless.


The role of the travel manager

The tasks of a travel manager are many, and constantly changing.

In doing so, the travel manager must strike a balance between corporate goals and employee satisfaction. The business trip should be planned efficiently and cost-saving, but also offer good comfort.

In addition to the former main task of purchasing travel services and negotiating contracts, close cooperation with human resources, finance and IT is now an absolute must. Often, the travel manager is now also responsible for travel policies, travel expense accounting and the vehicle fleet. Follow-up and evaluation are becoming increasingly important. Travel security, travel medicine and events also often fall within the travel manager's area of responsibility.

In the near future, the planning and provision of mobile communication, procurement and selection of video conferencing systems will also be part of the travel manager's tasks. The job description of the travel manager is currently changing into a collaboration manager, also accelerated by the pandemic.

Business travel is becoming less, but more demanding. The job description of the travel manager will therefore continue to be of great importance in the future.

We support you in defining and living your new role.