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These pages in English are a summary of our services with reduced content.

Most of our projects are based in German speaking Europe, driving global implementations of SAP Concur, Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense, Chromeriver or other leading solutions.

Purpose of this site is to inform the global teams of our customers about us and our work. To get a full overview of our services, we will help you by providing tailor-made information. Let's get in touch!

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Travel Management Consulting

Managing business travel is a small but complex task in your company.

When your employees are frequently travelling, an efficient and smooth travel process is essential to avoid unnecessary expenses, prevent fraud and quickly reimburse them. Even when booking travel, there are usually significant savings we will identify together with you.

Modern travel management systems give your employees valuable time for the real jobs at the company. Together, we select suitable systems and optimise your processes to help you focusing on efficiency and productivity.

Travel Management Implementation | Leading Projects

Introducing a new travel management system is complex and affects many business areas. In one of our last projects, we had 22 business units involved, like fleet manager, workers' council, data protection officer, income tax department and many more. At the very least, all individuals from human resources, finance, travel purchasing and IT departments have to work together for a common goal, with different obstacles hidden. Successful projects initially require sustainable definitions of target, scope, procedures and budget.

Use our expertise in guiding and supporting many global travel management implementations to lead also your project to success. Our team members are experienced project and business experts. Various methods such as IAPM, PMI, SDLC, Hermes or Scrum are familiar to us.

Take advantage of our experience to improve your travel processes now.

In all project phases, we can support you as an IT project manager or as business consultants.

Our Services

Our Expert Consultants guide you through the jungle of options in Business Travel Management

Use our expertise to evaluate saving options and process requirements. let us help you in selecting the best matching Travel & Expense System from the solutions in the market.

We are your translators to the system providers, and also between your business units and IT. Our mission is to have touchless and streamlined solutions available for customers of any size. We assist you in defining processes, selecting the system, implementing and testing. Creating concepts for operation, auditing, support and training is also part of our daily business.


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Current projects

We are different!


15 years of experience in the cloud

Since 2001, our team members have implemented many national and international travel management systems, and we have been supporting projects "in the cloud" since 2003 - long before the term even became popular.


Neutral advice

We provide product and vendor-neutral business travel management consulting. This will help you, our customer, to choose the system that best suits your needs. We do not accept any commissions or payments from providers - it is a part of our policy!


Future-oriented design

We want manual entry to become a thing of the past, saving employees a massive amount of time. To do this, we are constantly in dialogue with customers and suppliers, driving innovations together.

How to select your new travel management system

Start changing now!

Modern travel management systems simplify the business travel process and reduce direct and indirect costs!

Expense claim processing is not a core business. High transaction numbers tie up valuable internal resources. The process can be easily outsourced in whole or in part. Online bookings ALWAYS take place in the cloud today. So it is just reasonable to operate the whole travel process in a cloud system. Your employee data is already there.

You can benefit from favourable operating costs and usage-based billing. In general, cloud-based solutions are more technologically advanced and offer better functionality over self-powered systems.

The offers in the market differ widely in terms of function, price and contract terms. The expenseBrain team has been working with cloud systems for years and has extensive expertise in the field. We are always up to date with the latest developments and can offer you optimal support and advice.

We will help you to select the best-fitting system.

Calculate economic efficiency

Before using a new Travel Management System, it is important to validate pricing and efficiency. This must be based on your pre-defined requirements for processes, functions and security. The cheapest solution at first is not always the most economical solution in the long term. A precise price-performance analysis is required considering different functions and pricing of the products in the market.

Based on historical insights from many customer projects, we have developed a standardized methodology to assist companies in choosing a suitable and economically viable solution. Our methodology supports a quick comparison for supplier comparison with few weighted criteria as well as a detailed evaluation with more than 800 technical requirements.

We compare different software products and operating models in a standardized way. This gives you a clear overview of the price-performance ratio. The methodology is applicable to software and services.

Contact us for more information to get individual advice and evaluation.

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About us

Long before the term "cloud" became established, our current employees were active in travel management - at that time, with products named as "ASP" or "BPO".

Managing Director Michael Zwickl collected the experience gathered in so many projects by founding expenseBrain GmbH in 2015. Since then, the team has grown, each meber contributing with valuable skills on expert level.

We are architects, implementers, supporters and translators to the business units. expenseBRain today is a strong travel management consulting and service organisation, focusing on "full process" solutions. Today, we have eight permanent employees and twelve permanently contracted freelancers based in Germany.

Our vision

expenseBrain has the vision of fully automated, end-to-end travel expense reporting. We want manual input to be a thing of the past and a massive reduction in employee time. For this purpose, we are constantly in dialogue with customers and suppliers and drive innovations together.